Stair Climbing Milestones

It’s amazing how fast my baby is growing up.  I can’t even really call him a baby anymore!  He has started walking up and down the stairs, with adult supervision of course.  It seems like he was just learning to go up and down the stairs.  At our house, we still use baby gates for safety, especially at night.  He is in a regular bed now and I would hate for him to get out during the night and get near the stairs.  Here is a little run down of when stair climbing milestones occur.

Climbing up and down the stairs has it's own set of milestones.  Get the answers to when your toddler should start climbing the stairs and how the progression goes.

Stair Climbing Developmental Milestones

Remember, these milestones are to be used as a guide, and are based off a typically developing child. If your child has a diagnosis or was born prematurely some of these milestones may be later.   Each child develops uniquely, and there are times that children may hit a milestone a little later, with no cause for alarm. This may happen for various reasons.   This post is only for educational purposes only and does not replace an examination by a medical professional. If you have any concerns or questions please be sure to contact your physician or therapist.

18-24 Months

A child can walk up and down the stairs placing two feet on each step with a handrail or holding an adults hand.

Between 2-3 years

Can climb up a set of stairs placing two feet on each step without any support.

Can climb a set of stairs placing one foot on each step while holding onto a railing or an adults hand.

3-4 Years of Age

Will be able to walk up stairs placing one foot on each step without any support. (3-3.5 years)

Can walk down the stairs placing one foot on each step without any support.

It’s always important to make sure your child is supervised and safe when learning the stairs as well as other gross motor milestones! 

Stair climbing can be made fun with a simple game I love to play!


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