Superhero Gross Motor Game – Superhero Hop

Is  there really anything more action packed than superheros?  They jump, run, kick, and spin.  The list could go on and on when it comes to superheros.  With all the action superheros provide, they are perfect for incorporating gross motor into the day.  The superhero hop is the perfect way to do this!

Superhero Gross Motor Game – Superhero Hop A fun gross motor game for your superheros!


Superhero Hop


Super Spots, Music

1.  Lay the super spots with movement words out on the floor.  Have the same amount of super spots as you do kids on the floor.  You can make super spots on a sheet of paper or I have ready made super spots included in my Superhero Themed Movement games in the shop.  Laminating the super spots would allow you to use them again and again.

Super Spot - Pink Oatmeal

2.  Turn on the music.  Movement and music go hand in hand!

3.  Once the music is going,  let the kids hop or walk between the super spots– what ever works better in your setting.

4.  When the music stops have the kids perform the action written on their super spot.

5.  Start the music again and play resumes.

Super Spot Hop - Pink Oatmeal

This can easily be modified to a musical chairs like game.  Have one less super spot than students playing.  When the music stops the student who is not on the spot is out.


Superhero Gross Motor Activities

These fun super spots are available with other fun superhero themed games in the Superhero Brain Breaks Games variety pack!


Pink Oatmeal has a nice collection of superhero resources for you that work on both gross motor and fine motor skills. Have ready to go resources that you can start using today with your superheroes!

Click on the NAME of the resource to get a full description of what is included!

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