Superhero Gross Motor Moves

Do you notice a class full of wiggle worms? Maybe they’ve spent a good part of the day sitting and looking at the screen and now they just can’t focus anymore?  You need to get the kids focused again. Maybe you are having a superhero themed party and want a fun activity?  How can you do this?  Superhero gross motor moves or brain breaks may be your answer!  Here are 60 fast and effective ways to move like a Superhero!

Fun ways to move like a superhero! Gross motor and brain break ideas that are simple and fun for your superheros!

Superhero Gross Motor Moves

The great thing about superhero themed gross motor moves or brain break ideas is that the number of repetitions, distance, and duration of time can easily be adjusted based on your needs!     These ideas are designed to be fast, effective, and efficient!  If you like these ideas you can grab a full set of brain break cards in the Shop!

Super Leaps

Jumping Jacks, Side to Side Jumps, Back and Forth Jumps, Fast Jumps, Big Jumps, Tiny Jumps, Left Foot Hops, Right Foot Hops

Super Stars

Star Jumps, Star Pose, Free Dance, Star Pumps: Pump arms up and down over your head

Super Power

Squat, Heel Raise, Toe Raise, Lunge, Wall Push-Ups, High March, Squat To Ground and Jumps, Reach For The Floor and Reach For the Sky

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane

Left Foot Balance, Right Foot Balance, Run In Place, Chair Run

Super Sneaks

Tip Toe Walk, Heel Walk, Walk Heel To Toe, Backward Walk, Side Step, Cross Over Step, Knee Walk, Walk Heel To Toe Backward

Superhero Brain Break Card Picture

Superhero Training

Sequences of Motor Moves: An Example Would Be – Jump, Spin, Squat, Repeat

Super Silly

Spin Left, Spin Right, Twist, Squat and Jump, Wiggle, Crab Walk, Bear Walk, Waddle

Super Stretch

Reach Your Right Hand To Your Left Foot, Repeat on the Opposite Side, Reach Your Right Arm Across Your Body and Hold and Repeat On Left Side, Reach Over Head With Your Arms, Tip to the Left Hold , Tip to the Right Hold, Reach For Your Toes and Hold,

Super Skills

Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, Shoulder Blade Squeezes, Knee Hugs

Super Steps

Giant (but quiet) Steps, Gallop, Skip, Hurdle Steps

See Them In Action

Superhero Brain Break Cards

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  1. Hi Chanda
    I purchased the Superhero brain break cards with a super sensory bundle through The Inspired Treehouse and when I went to print them the instructions on each card under each title has come out in code rather than words. Are you able to help me? I am using a Macbook.
    Kind regards
    Mandy Ikin

    1. Hi Mandy

      Almost anytime this happens it is because your PDF reader (I use acrobat as mine) needs to be updated. Once you update it the problem should resolve! I hope you enjoy them they are so much fun!

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