Tips For Selecting A Sunscreen With Less Chemicals

We all know that sun protection is so important for baby.  I know I’ve been lathering on the sunscreen on my little guy.  Luckily I’ve found a great website Skin Deep that’s helped me make decisions based on chemical composition of different skin products for baby.  Since I’m putting on sunscreen on my little guy I want to make sure I’m not lathering him full of harmful chemicals.  Here is what my search result determined for sunscreens low in chemicals for baby that I am planning to try! 

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Selecting A Sunscreen With Less Chemicals - Pink Oatmeal

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Scientists at the Environmental Working Group assess the ingredients listed on the labels of personal care products based on data in toxicity and regulatory databases, government and health agency assessments and the open scientific literature.  They then determine a number rating.  I go into full detail on this website and others in my Chemical Free Home post which you want to check out!  I simply went to the website and did a quick search of baby sunscreens and came up with my list that I would consider trying! 

My Choices

Things to Note

  • All are based off of the 2013 formulations.
  • Even if a brand name has one great product it doesn’t mean another one of their products isn’t loaded with chemicals so be aware!
  • Not every sunscreen can be found on the website.

Hopefully this little tool will help you to find a great sunscreen as low in chemicals as possible for your baby and even yourself!

What are your favorite sunscreens?  Were you surprised when you checked the website?  Have you tried any of these?


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4 thoughts on “Tips For Selecting A Sunscreen With Less Chemicals”

  1. wow, you got everything researched so well. Really appreciate that. I was looking for chemical free options for my kid’s sun screen. But I still didn’t make my decision. Did you choose yet?

  2. Have you heard of the Honest company? They make great products – and also have a sunscreen that gets a “1” on the Skin Deep website, just like others you added to your list.

    1. I have heard of them! That’s great they get a 1. There are others out there too that get 1’s. It’s great to see companies striving towards making chemical free products!

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