The Many Ways To Play With A Pool Noodle

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The Many Ways To Play With A Pool Noodle

My Favorite Summer Toy

My favorite summer toy is the pool noodle!  This toy is awesome to use year round,  however it’s easiest to find them in the summer.  When they came out this Spring I rushed to pick up a few…okay maybe eight that I could use with my baby and stock up on for the upcoming school year.


The reason pool noodle are my favorite toys.

  • They are cheap.  I love any toy that you can buy for under five dollars that has more than one purpose.
  • They are versatile.  There are so many different activities that pool noodles can be used for, not just in the pool.
  • More than a toy.  Yes I have used pool noodles for other purposes besides play!

Here are some fun ways that you can utilize pool noodles  for play this summer and beyond!

The Many Ways To Play With A Pool Noodle

  • Stringing – Cut the noodle up and have the kiddos string it for great fine motor play.  I’ve even seen some people use it as decoration!
  • A slide or chute – Cut the noodle in half to drop objects down as a slide or keep it whole and watch them go through! Great fine motor play!  Make it a game and incorporate climbing and squatting for gross motor play!
  • Cut up for stacking – This one is fun for the little ones.  A pool noodle can be used as blocks for stacking or knocking down.  Great for visual perception and fine motor play.

pool noodle

  • Sensory Play – Cut them small and stick them in a kiddy pool or sensory table and let the kids play!
  • Bath Toy – Use the cut up pool noodles as a fun toy during bath time!
  • Hurdles- Crawling under for the little ones and going over for the older! Great for motor play!
  • Stick or Bat – Hitting balloons or balls with the noodle is great for visual perception, eye-hand coordination and gross motor play!

pool noodle use - Pink Oatmeal

Other ways I’ve used the pool noodle not for play.

  • Bumper- Any sharp corners or hard edges cut the noodle in half and use it as a bumper along the edge!
  • Car Seats – Having trouble getting the car seat level?  I know we have!  We used a pool noodle to solve our problem!

What’s your favorite way to utilize the pool noodle?  Be sure to share your ideas!



64 thoughts on “The Many Ways To Play With A Pool Noodle”

  1. There are also different shaped pool noodles that you can cut and use to stamping with finger paint!

  2. Elyssa Donarski

    Love the ideas for pool noodles. They are cost effective and have so many uses. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Some great ideas! Who knew such an inexpensive toy could be so versatile! Going to try a couple of these ideas for sure!

  4. I cut the pool noodles into a variety of thicknesses and allow the kids to make things using golf tees to attach the parts to each other. Pushing/pulling the tees within the foam strengthens fingers using the pincer grasp and the kids have fun creating as well.

  5. I love all the fun play ideas! I actually have one cut into four pieces inside my fall/winter boots so when they aren’t in use they don’t fall downwind you don’t get creases!

  6. Cool ideas! The only thing my kids have used them for out of the pool was to “hit” each other 🙁

  7. One of my favorite dollar store deals! I use one cut to 6 inches in length and split on one side as a door stop on the side of the door. Keeps little fingers from being squished, older ones from slamming the door, and Momma not locked in/out somewhere. 😉

    We will be trying the hurdles idea! Thank you!

  8. Great ideas! I could imagine them like wickets across the yard – maybe connect some to run through and some to crawl through.Thanks!

  9. I saw an idea on pinterest to spray paint the pool noodles brown and make cut-outs so they will stack together to make life-size lincoln logs! SO fun!

  10. I had no idea a pool noodle could have so many uses I am going to subscribe to this blog as there are heaps of great ideas on here. Thanks

  11. If you had different colors that were cut up, it would be a fun way to work on patterns as you laced them.

  12. I have many fond memories of using these as a child. Mine had dragon heads and little hands and feet sticking out of them too.

  13. Pool noodles are the first summer clearance item I head for..they can be repurposed into so many items

  14. Recently I cut mine in 3rds, then in half so I could stick them on the top of the doors around the house so my little ones (who love to open and shut doors) don’t smash any finger 🙂 LOVE the ideas on this post!

  15. Kristin Gideon

    This reminds me of a post I pinned last year with tons of fun ideas for pool noodle play. I REALLY need to buy some this year and actually put some of these great ideas to use!

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