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We moved into our house 4.5 years ago now.  There have been several different things I wanted to change, one being some of the landscaping.  This year I finally decide to conquer the south side of our house and turn it into a suburban garden!

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The space on the south side of our house was just so lonely and empty looking.  There were a few daylilies and some ferns.  I looked at different plants to add to the area, however nothing struck me.  In the past I had tried straw bail gardening on that side of the house but there were just too many chemicals for my liking.  In the end, I decided to make this whole area into a suburban garden.

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The Corner Garden

I took out my shovel and started shoveling the rock with all intentions of getting something planted.  While I was doing my shoveling I took a break and started to look at my raised bed garden I had put in last year by a local Minnesota business Urban Food Orchard.

It was like a light went on and I decided instead of spending money on expensive shrubs for the corner I was going to put in a corner garden.  The space is right on the south side of the house. The light in my mind apparently got even brighter because I decided I would add vine plants to add a pretty look to my corner with a little height to go over all the day lilies that were already present.

I had Bryan from Urban Food Orchard come out since my husband nor I would consider ourselves too handy or trust our ability to select the correct measurements, wood etc.  He helped me devise a perfect triangle for my corner garden.

potato box

The Potato Box

This was an idea that came off of Pinterest.  Simple enough that I could build it with the help of my husband on my own!  Supposedly I’m going to get a lot of potatoes out of this…we will see!

main garden

The Main Garden

Last year I had my square raised bed built.  I’ve added a little fence around it to ward off the bunnies that tend to visit.  My dog also does a nice job of keeping the bunnies away! The addition of my extra gardens to the area made it all finally come together.  I call it my small farm in the suburbs!

I love how my gardens turned out.  Instead of just another plant I am growing food and I’ve fixed my ugly landscaping/side of the house problem.  I added a trellis to the garden for the plants to climb in the corner.  I can’t wait to see how it looks once the growing season gets into full swing!

Suburban Garden- Pink Oatmeal

Moral of the story, remember that there is always the option of growing food if you are looking for that perfect plant or filler for an empty area.  I can’t wait to have all the fresh vegetables out of my corner garden!

Do you have a garden?  What is your favorite thing to grow in it?

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