Shapes Game

Around here we are all about plenty of time for movement and opportunities to learn that involve movement.  We are also all about making learning fun.  When my almost 3 year old started showing lots of interest in matching games, numbers, and shapes I was fortunate to have my mom available to create super fun ways to learn about these different concepts through games.  Currently shapes are the big thing that my 2.5 year old is really into.  He was really lucky to be able to play a shape matching game with his cousin this weekend that their grandma had created for them!  Even with a swimming pool full of toys, these boys couldn’t get enough of this game, and that’s saying a lot!  I’m going to let her tell you about the game!

The shapes game is a super fun way to identify shapes that we see everyday!

Shapes Game

Hi there!  I’m Darice Cunniff of The Teacher Bin.  I’ve been teaching and creating fun resources for learning for over 35 years! I was really excited when my daughter asked if I could create a few games for my grandchildren to play.  Her first request was for shapes!  The cool thing about shapes is that everything is a shape.  Pointing out shapes in the in the real world is important to children. As a child, the first drawings probably use basic shapes such as squares, triangles, and circles. Now you can find 2D-3D shapes in the world all around.

Now that my grand kids are at the age that they are noticing shapes all around them.    I was curious if they could match the real world shapes to some basic shapes and some more difficult shapes.  As a former kindergarten teacher, it’s important children can identify and name shapes, even the hard ones!

The shapes game is a super fun way to identify shapes that we see everyday!

My older grandchild, 3 ½ years old went through the shapes quite fast.  He named the shape and sorted them on the board quite easily. He piled the picture cards on top of each other.   One time as he was sorting, he picked up all the cards on one shape to check the basic shape.

The shapes game is a super fun way to identify shapes that we see everyday!

My other grandchild age 2 ½ was able to also sort through the shapes.  He did have some trouble sorting or identifying the triangle shape from the rhombus(diamond).  I was surprised how well he did.  Developmentally he did well with the basic shapes and the real world shape I just needed to have him look carefully at the details of the shape.

The shapes game is a super fun way to identify shapes that we see everyday!

One of the things I like about the game is not all the real world picture cards have to be used at the same time.  The real world cards are specific to one shape. It’s OK to use familiar shapes and then move to more difficult shapes.

shapes game cover

It was fun to see how much fun the boys were having playing the game!  There moms each had to take their games home!  If you think this looks like fun swing by my store and get your own shapes game!

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