Music Benefits For Babies

Let me start this off by saying by no means am I musical.  I can’t hold a note.  I’ve failed at the piano and saxophone.  However, my baby LOVES music.   Music benefits for babies has been one of the important things I have learned with C.  C and I have been going to a music class.  It is amazing to me what a response music can get from a baby at such a young baby.   Whenever C is fussing we turn on his music from class and he stops.  There are certain songs that come on and he smiles.  Often times in class he will start to make noises like he is singing.  It’s amazing the impact that it has had on him.  It got me thinking what is it about music that a baby responds so well too?  Here are some great information that you may find helpful when introducing music to your baby.


Music Benefits For Babies
Babies/Children have variable timetables for their music development just like children crawl or walk at different times.
When you hold your baby and bounce, rock, or sway to the beat of the music the baby perceives it as he/she is the one moving.  This helps baby to learn about beat, rhythm, and movement!

Visible Ways Babies Respond to Music
Baby smiles or giggles
Feet become outstretched or baby begins kicking
Eyes move toward the sound source
Hands become clenched or they move in the air
Eyes brighten up or change focus
Middle of the babies torso moves rhythmically
Baby makes cooing sounds
Baby’s tongue moves in repetitive motion
If you pay attention you may notice that your baby has their own personal pitch that they tend to coo around.
Babies may adjust their personal pitch in response to a musical stimulus to match that stimulus.
How to help your baby’s music development
Sing with exaggerated mouth movements  (I have to do this in the privacy in my own home!)
Validate your baby’s responses to music.  If baby coos imitate what baby just did back at them.
Use contrasting types of music- Fast/Slow, Loud/Soft, high pitch/low pitch  Babies LOVE contrast.
Musical Instruments
These are a fun way for baby to interact.
Be sure to change the way you shake or move an instrument.  Babies thrive on contrast!
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Source: Music Together – Research Based Music Course

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