Mom Snacks

I have a tiny problem and I’m sure I’m not alone.  I love chocolate, chips, and pretty much all candy.   If I’m being honest, it seems to be a problem that’s gotten a bit out of control.  The problem tends to be worst when I’m at home, especially during nap time.  At work, I have the ability to limit myself by not bringing too much junk with me.  Since I really wanted to reign myself in, I’ve come up with a few items I have around to avoid the junk food.

 Mom Snacks

I call these my mom snacks since pre-child I seemed to have more self control. I usually try to give “healthy” snacks to my toddler.  I mean, if I’m flying in an airplane with him I’ll probably give him anything he likes to keep him quiet, but in general I try to keep them healthy.  So when my toddler is napping or having his snack I’ve been trying to keep my mom snacks healthy as well.

Mom Snacks

1. Edamame – I didn’t even know what this stuff was until I was 20 years old!  I’ve loved it ever since.  I tend to buy it in bulk (usually from Costco) still in the pod.  I simply throw some in a bowl pop it in the microwave for around a minute and lightly salt the pods.  Obviously, I don’t eat the pods but the salty taste when I’m getting the edamame out is a little bonus.

2.  Grapes – They are easy, but I need to be diligent to have some pre-washed.  If I’m feeling like I need to devour something and the grapes aren’t washed, they usually lose to the more convenient junk food.  Totally lazy, I know.

3.  Hummus–  I love hummus.  I’ve found that it’s a dip I enjoy without all of the extra calories.  Having hummus in my house seems to motivate me to even grab some veggies to dip.

What are your go to snacks?  I’d love more ideas!

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