Johnny Appleseed Brain Break Ideas

Are you teaching a Johnny Appleseed Unit?  Are you looking for a fun idea to engage the class?  How about adding some movement into the unit?  We know that moving and learning is so very important.  How about something so fun the kids will be talking about it for days/weeks/months?  Johnny Appleseed Brain Breaks or gross motor moves  may be your answer!

Fun movement ideas with a Johnny Appleseed theme! I love this for any apple unit!

Johnny Appleseed Brain Breaks

The great thing about Johnny Appleseed Moves and/or Brain Break ideas is that the number of repetitions, distance, and duration of time can easily be adjusted based on your needs!     These ideas are designed to be fast, effective, and efficient!  If you like these ideas you can grab a full set of brain break cards in the Shop

Seed Planting

Squats, Lunges, Crawling, Squat and Hold, Knee Walking, Hand Walking: Hand Walks: Squat and Walk Your Hands From Your Left To Right and The Reverse

Apple Picking

Heel Raises, Toe Raises, Arms Overhead Picking Apples, Ladder Climb: March Right Leg Lift Left Arm, Repeat On Opposite Side


Skip, Giant Steps, Small Steps, Backward Walking, March For Distance, Jump For Distance, Walk Heel To Toe, Side Step

Johnny’s Jumping

Jumping Jacks, Fast Jumps, Side To Side Jumps, Forward/Backward Jumps, Jump and Turn, Small Jumps, One Foot Hops

Don’t Fall Out Of The Apple Tree

Right Foot Balance, Left Foot Balance, Heel To Toe Standing, Stand on one foot and squeeze your opposite knee

Apple Sauce

Spin To The Right, Spin To The Left, Twist, Side Arm Circles, Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, Start Low and Twist Your Body Side To Side As You Move To Standing, Start Low and Spin As You Move To Standing,

Apple Games

Apple Bobbing: Bob Up And Down Bending At The Waist, Apple Pattern: Jump, Spin, Clap, Repeat,  Apple Relay: Pass A Ball Or Bean Bag Around The Room As Fast As You Can (Time It), Apple Race: Run In Place As Fast As You Can

Tall Tales

Stand On Your Tip Toes With Your Arms Overhead Hold x30 Seconds (Try Not To Move!), Line Up Tallest To Shortest, Start From A Squat On The Floor, Move To Standing and Jump With Arms Overhead , Walk On Your Tip Toes

See It In Action

Johnny Appleseed Brain Break Cards

Johnny Applessed Brain Break Cover

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