Halloween Gross Motor and Brain Break Ideas

Are you looking for a fun activity for the kids during Halloween week or the entire month of October?  Would you like the activity to be so fun that the kids don’t even realize how beneficial it really is?  How about trying out these Halloween Gross Motor and Brain Break Ideas?

Halloween Brain Breaks, Halloween Movement, and Halloween Gross Motor Ideas! Perfect for home, therapy, or the classroom.

Halloween Gross Motor and Brain Break Ideas


High Jumps, Side To Side Jumps, Squats, Right Foot Hops, Left Foot Hops, Tiny Jumps, Fast Jumps, Lunges, Backward/Forward Jumps, Star Jumps, Right to Left Foot Hops, Star Jumps

Black Cat

Walk Heel to Toe, Side Step, Walk Backward, Cross Over, Knee Walk, Hands and Knees and Arch Your Back, Run In Place, March In Place


Twist, Spin, Roll, Crawl, Lay On Your Back Grab Your Knees Rock Side To Side, Pumpkin Picking: Squat Down Pick Pumpkin Repeat, Pumpkin Sit: Slightly Bend Knees Hold , Tip Toe Through The Pumpkin Patch

Spooky Tree

Right Leg Balance, Left Leg Balance, Tandem Standing – Take Turns With What Leg Leads


Sequence Patterns: Example – Jump, Squat, Spin Repeat


Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arms Circles, Shoulder Blade Squeezes, Shoulder Shrugs


Spin, Touch The Floor and Repeat, Free Dance, Simon Says, Line Up Tallest to Shortest

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