Fall Themed Brain Breaks (Over 40 Ideas)

Fall is just around the corner.  This year I’m SO looking forward to fall weather.  Usually, I hate to bid summer goodbye, but the third trimester of pregnancy is begging for a little cooler weather.  It also means the start of the school year.  With the transition from summer to school brain breaks are a must.  There are plenty of great ways to incorporate brain breaks into a fall theme.

Brain Breaks with an Autumn Theme! I love don't "fall"!

Fall Themed Brain Breaks

Fall themed brain breaks can be a ton of fun!  Determine the duration and number of repetitions for the students as you work on the brain breaks.  Keep them moving!

Leaf Pile – Think of jumping into the leaf pile or stomping on the leaves!  

Right Foot Hops, Left Foot Hops, Jumping Up and Down, Jump and Turn, Side to Side Jumps, Forward and Backward Jumps, Stomping Down The Leaves, Stomping and Turning In A Circle

Pumpkin Patch – All the fun things you can do at the pumpkin patch!

Squats (Pick Pumpkins), Touch The Ground Reach For The Sky (Pumpkin Picking), Lunges (Pumpkin Picking), Marching Over Pumpkins, Tip Toe Through The Patch, Heel Walk Around The Patch, Side Step Around The Patch, Gallop Around The Patch

Apple Picking

Ladder Climbing (Alternating Arm and Leg Movements), Overhead Picking (Moving Arms Overhead), Toe Raises (Get those apples!),  Heel Raises

Fall Brain Break Cards - Blog - Pink Oatmeal

Back To School

Sequence Patterns – Jump, Spin, Clap Repeat etc.  Choose From Any Pattern You’d Like!

Fall Party

Body Wiggles, Dance Party, Hokey Pokey, YMCA

Pumpkin Play – Use a Ball, Pumpkin, or Your Imagination

Roll The Pumpkin Forward, Roll The Pumpkin Backward, Knee Walk Rolling The Pumpkin, Pass The Pumpkin Around The Room

Don’t Fall- Balance Activities

Right Foot Balance, Left Foot Balance, Heel To Toe Standing (Both Sides), One Foot Stand With A Knee Squeeze (Both Sides), Stand On Your Foot and Reach Forward With Your Opposite Hand (Both Sides)

Leaf Run – Think of Moving Fast!

Run In Place, Chair Run (Arms and Legs Going While In The Chair), Arm Circles, Jump As Fast As You Can

Get Your Own Fall Brain Break Cards

Autumn Brain Break Cards Cover

If  you love the idea of fall brain breaks I have a full set of 48 cards available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for download.  It can also be found in my shop on the blog.    They are a fun and exciting way to get the kids moving.  They are perfect to incorporate into stations, baseball units, morning meetings, or as brain breaks.  Make movement fun!  More fall movement fun can also be found in my Fall Themed Movement Games.  They can be found in my TPT store or at the shop on the blog.


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