Therapy Room Printables

I’ve gotten a bit carried away with making printables lately!  I love the design aspect of it.  It’s good therapy! I’m sad to admit it, but I’ve never decorated my desk.  The majority of the reason is I’m rarely there, but really I could have put up at least one picture.  In my printable frenzy I made up a few therapy room printables that I’m going to use on my desk.  At least this way there will be something there besides pens and sticky notes! If I had a therapy room they would be perfect to use there, but such is the life of an itinerant therapist.

Free Therapy Printables - Pink Oatmeal

Therapy Room Printables

The good news with my printable obsession is that I am able to share my printables with my therapy readers!  I’m offering them for free!  The majority work fine just as printables, but can also be cut down to fit in an 8×10 frame – which I am doing.

Free Therapy Printables - Pink Oatmeal

The printables work great for OT’s, PT’s, or SLP’s.  Included in the set are: Welcome To Therapy (PT, OT, SLP), Action Words, Therapy Definition, Enhancing A Child’s Ability, OT, PT, and SLP printables.  I’ve even updated them from when I framed them! 

These are available in Pink Oatmeal’s Freebie Library! 


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