5 Easy Water Play Ideas – 6 to 18 months

Playing in the water is fun, but all water activities must be supervised!

I love summer and I love the water! ¬†My little guy really seems to be quite taken by the water too. ¬†Since we don’t live on the lake or have a pool we have found found ways to play in the water at home. ¬†Here are 5 easy ways to play with water at your home. ¬†These ideas are great¬†for 6-18 month olds but you may find that even your older kids have fun with some of these ways to play!

water play 6-18 months

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5 Easy Ways To Play With Water

Pool Noodles РThere are so many fun ways to play with pool noodles.  For the little ones cut them up and put them in a kiddie pool or plastic bin.  Let them splash around both in and out of the water!

Water Play 6-18 months

Dollar Aisle Toys РRemember the deals that you can find in the dollar aisle?  Be sure to add those great finds to water play.  A fun way for your little one to explore many different senses.

Water Play 6-18 months

Rocks – I don’t know if your baby is like mine but the river rock in our landscaping is a favorite of his. ¬†So why not add it to water play? ¬†If you can’t beat them, join them right?

Water Play Rocks

Bath Toys – Yep bath toys¬†aren’t just for baths. ¬†Bring them outside and let your little one enjoy bath toys while in a different environment.

Ice – Yes, water in the frozen form. ¬†I will often put this in his little plastic bin and let him play with it. ¬†Be careful for the mouth that baby doesn’t get the right sized piece and choke!


Be sure to check out my post on how we played inside with water this past winter!

Let’s be honest little ones in the 6-18 month old range are busy little people! ¬†It doesn’t seem like much can keep their attention for an extended period of time. ¬†I ¬†tend to set up a water play station out in the yard on a big blanket. ¬†I find C¬†comes and goes as he pleases. ¬†Sometimes he is splashing his hands in the water, sometimes he is crawling around in the grass and sometimes he is in the water! ¬†I like that it is an option for him to be able to explore. ¬†I don’t expect him to sit and play with the water station the whole time, he’s busy!

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    1. Thanks for reading. I think that’s one big thing to remember is let the little ones lead. There are so many great activities out there to try but I think so many people get frustrated because there little one only plays with it for a second or two. So reminding others that it’s completely normal for this to occur and I’m trying to remember to include that in my posts!

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