DIY Frame for Nursery

This next project was probably the one that most people comment on when they come into C’s room.  Probably because it is so large 🙂  This was a project that I put together literally with stuff I had around the house.  

The Frame: This was a wooden frame on an old mirror that I picked up at a garage sale.  I really had no idea what I was going to do with it when I bought it.  Thank goodness we have a big unfinished basement that I am able to store some of my “not sure” stuff in.  I Just popped the glass out and spray painted the frame white to match the furniture in the room.  That easy!

Flags:  I used scrap pieces of the material we used for the quilt and valence in C’s room and cut out triangles.  I didn’t follow any sort of pattern.  I was not aiming for perfection.  I wanted a tethered safari type look.  I used hot glue and glued them onto some ribbon that I had.  To adhere them to the frame I justed used a staple gun.
Animals:  These animals again matched the fabric in his room.  I used my trick that I had in my prior post about the animal portraits of scanning the fabric on my computer.  I blew the animals up to the size I wanted.  I then hot glued them to the ribbon and stabled it on to the frame.  
So simple and so cheap!  I loved that I was able to upcycle things around the house.  I love this frame in his room too.  It fits perfectly right above his changing area!

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