50’s Themed Gross Motor and Brain Breaks – 50 Ideas

I love the movie Grease! ¬†I used to watch it quite often when I was younger. ¬†I thought it would be so cool to live in that time where drive-ins, jukeboxes, and poodle skirts were all the rage. ¬†I also love that the 50’s can easily be integrated into gross motor and brain break ideas. ¬†There were some pretty great gross motor things going on back then too. ¬†Think of sock hops and rock and roll! ¬†Here are some fun ways to get moving with 50’s themed gross motor and brain break ideas.

So many fun themed movement ideas with a 50's theme!

50’s Gross Motor and Brain Breaks

Poodle Skirts

Spin To Your Left, Spin To Your Right, Twist, Jump and Turn

Thunderbird Crusin’

Walk Heel To Toe, Skip, Gallop, Jump (Across A Room), Knee Walk, Walk Backward, Side Step, Cross Over Step – Left Lead, Cross Over Step – Right Lead, March, Crawl, Jump Backward (Across A Room)

Muscle Cars

Squat, Lunge, Heel Raise, Toe Raise, Sit-Ups, Wall Push-Ups, Big Marches, Run In Place

Sock Hop

Right To Left Foot Hops, Tiny Hops, Jumping Jacks, Star Jumps, Jump As Fast As You Can, Big Jumps, Right Foot Hop, Left Foot Hops

Rock and Roll

Forward Shoulder Rolls, Backward Shoulder Rolls, Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, Forward Arm Rolls, Backward Arm Rolls, Side Arm Circles, Roll Side To Side


Hand Jive, Do The Twist, Jitterbug, Body Wiggles

50’s Party

Bubble Blowing (Deep Breathing), Hip Hula, Grease Your Hair

Roller Skate

Right Foot Balance, Left Foot Balance, Tandem Standing

50’s Themed Brain Break Cards

50's Themed Brain Break Cards - Pink Oatmeal

If ¬†you love the idea of 50’s¬†brain breaks, and want them available at any time, I have a full set of 48 cards available in my¬†Teachers Pay Teachers store for download. ¬†It can also be found in my shop on the blog. ¬†¬† They are a fun and exciting way to get the kids moving. ¬†They are perfect to incorporate into stations, morning meetings, or as brain breaks. ¬†Make movement fun!


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