5 Gifts That Keep Toddlers Moving

This year is the first year that my toddler is really excited about Christmas.  In the past we haven’t really bought him a gift.  We’ve just bought him what he has needed.  This year is the first year that he is going to get a real Christmas gift from us.  I like the gift to be something that requires him to interact and not just sit back and watch.   Right now we are leaning towards a basketball hoop as it seems to be a strong interest area of his, however there are plenty of other gift ideas that would require him to burn off some energy as well.

5 Gifts That Keep Toddlers Moving - Pink Oatmeal

5 Gifts That Keep Toddlers Moving

  1. Balance Bike – We actually bought this for Cade when he turned two.  The first month he couldn’t even fit on it.  He was too small.  Once he was able to get his bottom on the seat and his feet on the ground he took off.  I loved how it encouraged him to move along with understanding the space around his body.  I bought the Chicco brand as I didn’t want to spend a ton of money not knowing how much he would use it.  It probably isn’t the superior balance bike but it has been suitable for our needs in the neighborhood.
  2. Basketball Hoop – This is what we are leaning towards for Christmas.  He has a hoop at his daycare that he is pretty excited about and loves to play with.  He has grown quite interested in ball play.
  3. Nets – Cade’s grandparents are buying these for him.  This is a different way he can move with ball play.  Kicking is great for strength, balance, and proprioception.  Plus a good way to play with dad in the basement this winter when it is too cold to be outside!
  4. Tricycle – Often times parents are trying to decide between a balance bike and a tricycle.  The good news is they are both great options.  It will most likely depend on your child and your needs.  Do you have a very cautious child?  Maybe the tricycle is where you want to start them.  Do you want something that you can take out on walks yet they can still participate in using?  The tricycle may be your better option (with the push handle for steering) as sometimes kids aren’t quite able to keep up on balance bikes quite as well.
  5. Tunnel – I’ve loved this gift from when Cade was a baby, but it’s still a great gift for a toddler.  Lots of games can be played using a tunnel.  It encourages crawling which is a great skill for strengthening, weight shifting, body awareness, and motor planning.

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