Chemical Free Garbage Disposal Cleaner

I love our garbage disposal however I hate cleaning it. That is until I of finally found something that actually cleans the garbage disposal and it is not full of chemicals. I will admit that I must credit my grandma for getting me to this place. She always talked about how vinegar was the very best cleaner. Now I’m finding myself using it all the time! It got me searching for a way to use vinegar to clean my garbage disposal.  Well I found a great way to do it!

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What You Need

Essential Oils (Optional – I love to use lemon for the garbage disposal)
All you do is fill an ice cube tray with vinegar and a few drops (I did about 7) of essential oil of your choice and freeze. Update: I’ve started using a new kind of essential oils now as I’ve learned more about them! There was even lemon included in my initial kit!  I chose lemon for the garbage disposal as I use lemon for a lot of my cleaning products in the kitchen.  I froze the ice cube tray until I had my lemon/vinegar cubes.
Once my tray was frozen all I had to do was pop the cubes out and throw them down the garbage disposal.  I turned the disposal on and ran the cubes through the disposal with the cold water running.  It worked like a charm!  I was thrilled with how good it smelled and how clean the garbage disposal looked!  I will never buy another cleaning product for a garbage disposal.  I LOVED that it was a chemical free option too. If you have a disposal I HIGHLY recommend you try this!

More Ways To Clean The Chemical Free Way

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