10 Baby Must Haves

I¬†was recently chatting with one of my friends who is having her first baby. ¬†We were talking about her baby registry, and discussing¬†the actual baby must haves that she should focus on. ¬†I had a few things that I absolutely loved, and consider my baby must haves. ¬†Some of these things surprised me how much I used them and other things that I thought were must haves I didn’t even use. ¬†Here are my 10 baby must-haves that helped me survive that first year.

 10 Baby Must Haves - Pink Oatmeal

10 Baby Must Haves

This list contains affiliate links.  I only recommend products I love or personally use.

 1.  When it came to swaddling my baby, I LOVED Summer Infant SwaddleMe wraps.  There was no hassle in trying to figure out how the heck to swaddle the baby.  My husband could even do it without much assistance!  More on an explanation of why we swaddle babies.

2. ¬†When my little man needed to come out of the swaddle but still need some of that “squeeze” we advanced to Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. ¬†Loved it. ¬†Made the transition out of the swaddle a breeze.

3. My Brest Friend. ¬†I was a nursing mom and shocked at the commitment when I started nursing. ¬†I didn’t know what I had coming. ¬†My Brestfriend was my nursing pillow of choice. ¬†I tried the boppy for nursing but didn’t like it nearly as much especially in those beginning months.

4. ¬†The baby gym was hands down my favorite toy for the first 6 months. ¬†My baby loved it, I loved that he was content to play in it, and it is great for baby’s development.

5. The activity table was another winner. ¬†I especially loved this toy since I could use it from early on and still have it set up in our playroom now. ¬†It isn’t as exciting but every now and then he’ll still play with it. ¬†The best part is they aren’t just for standing babies and can be utilized in many different ways.

6. ¬†If your baby has ever had a stuffy nose the NoseFrida is an absolute must. ¬†The snot suckers with the ball on the end don’t even compare.

7. A stroller. ¬†I loved getting out with my baby and thought baby wearing would be my way of getting out.¬†I bought a baby carrier which I really liked, however my baby did not like to be worn. ¬†We borrowed and tried several different kinds and no luck. ¬†Luckily, we had a stroller we absolutely loved (there are several price points for a bassinet feature stroller). ¬†It was our biggest splurge for baby (but we really didn’t buy too much in the line of baby equipment besides this). ¬†I love the bassinet feature and the ability for the stroller to grow with baby. We never used a travel system thanks to the bassinet feature on this stroller. ¬†I shopped around and found mine for a great deal, but there are other strollers of similar style at different price points.

8. Large bibs. ¬†Like so large, they are a shirt. ¬†Once my little man started eating these were a savior. ¬†I let him “explore” his food so there usually was a mess. ¬†Thanks to these bibs the mess was easy to clean up. ¬†I’d simply take them off and throw them in the washer. ¬†I found mine at IKEA.

9. An Activity Blanket.  Tummy time and floor time are so important for babies.  Having a nice blanket that baby can utilize on the floor is awesome.  A fellow blogger and occupational therapist has her own Etsy shop where she makes darling activity blankets!

10. Large burp cloths. ¬†It’s amazing how¬†much I appreciated large quality made burp cloths. ¬†I am especially fond of an Etsy store, JBabyRags and love the story behind the store. ¬†I recently picked some up for my new nephew.

Baby, Baby, Baby

Have you thought about those¬†post baby must haves that don’t always get talked about? ¬†Then there are the things that you thought were must haves and actually turned out not to be all that great or all that great for baby. ¬†With all that baby equipment out there here is almost everything you need to know.

What was your baby must have?


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  1. my musthaves besides the ones you describe , a mamaroo , a sling ( walking the dog with a stroller is so much harder and besides they sleep like a baby ! ) My stokke chair with the newborn set , my tummytub and my gloves that are attached to the stroller ! Love it

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