Spray Painted Lamps

spray painted lamps

I’m super excited about how my lamps turned out this past week so I had to share.  I initially thought that I was going to add these lamps to my garage sale pile.  They were just the wrong color and didn’t go with the theme I wanted in our room.  Many of my friends know that I spray paint lots of stuff so I thought that I would give it a try with my lamps.  I really didn’t have much hope for them as I really thought I hated them and was already on the search for new lamps.  I’m just so thrilled with how they turned out!  I surprised myself!  There is a technique however to properly spray painting as I have had major fails in the past.

1.  First make sure that you prep the lamp well.  That means removing any lamp shades or bulbs.  I also am sure to tape up whatever I don’t want to get spray painted.  Here are what my lamps looked like to start.  Just a boring silver color that I thought looked horrible and cheap in our room (the lamps were cheap)!

Spray Painted Lamps

2.  Make sure that you have a ventilated area.  It’s finally getting warm enough for me to get back to my spray painting endeavors outside.  Also make sure that you have something underneath what you are spray painting so you don’t end up with paint on your driveway or garage floor.  Make sure you choose a spray paint that says it adheres to the type of surface you are painting.

Spray Painted Lamps
This is the spray paint I chose for my lamps. I have a turquoise/blue accent color in our room.

3.  Here is the key.  Spray paint very light coats on the lamps.  It is so tempting to feel like you have it covered all at once.  I do a light coat come back 10 minutes later and do another and repeat.  I believe I did about 6 different coats on my lamps.  If you over do it make sure to wipe up any drips right away.

4. Let them dry appropriately and add your shade and bulb back on.  My spray painted lamps turned out much better than I anticipated.  They are bright but they add the pop of color I was looking for for my neutral colored room!

Spray painted lamps

I’m thinking about getting a new lamp shade when I come across a great deal.  For now I’m thrilled with how this worked out!  Now onto my next spray painting project…

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