Motor Milestones – Jumping

We have a jumper around here.  I haven’t counted, but I would guess he jumps over 200 times per day!  He jumps off things, he jumps to get places, and he just stands and jumps.  He loves it, and has been working on this skill for quite a while.  It seems like it was just a few days ago that he was bending his knees in an attempt to jump, and now he is jumping off everything, literally everything.  I can’t take my eye away for a second.  Jumping is a pretty amazing motor milestone.  It’s fun and exciting to see the different stages of jumping take place.

Gross motor milestones for jumping. A progression of how kids learn to jump and what ages each jumping skill takes place. A good reference for a physical therapist, occupational therapist, teacher, and parent.

Jumping Motor Milestones

It’s important to remember, these milestones are to be used as a guide, and are based off a typically developing child. If your child has a diagnosis or was born prematurely some of these milestones may be later.   Each child develops uniquely, and there are times that children may hit a milestone a little later or earlier, with no cause for alarm. This may happen for various reasons.   This post is only for educational purposes only and does not replace an examination by a medical professional. If you have any concerns please be sure to contact your physician or therapist.

When kids start to jump in the early stages you may see them bend their legs in an attempt to jump but never leave the ground.  Then you may see one foot leave the ground followed by the other before the true two footed jumping occurs.  They are awfully cute when they are working on and learning this skill!

21-24 Months

  • Jumps With Both Feet In The Air
  • Can Jump Forward 3 Inches

24-30 Months

  • Can Jump From The Bottom Step Landing With Both Feet

30-36 Months

  • Can Jump Over Small Stationary Items

3 Years

  • Forward Jump 26” or Greater – Two Foot Take-off and Landing

4 Years

  • Hops On One Foot 3-5 Times

5 Years

  • Jump and Turn 180 Degrees In The Air
  • Begins To Jump Rope
  • Can Hop On One Foot 8 Times and Switch To The Other Side and Hop 8 Times


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1 thought on “Motor Milestones – Jumping”

  1. Nice to read about your knowledge and thoughts about motor milestones etc. I’m a childrens physical therapist (actually physical therapy specialists in paediatrics) working at one of few policlinics for childrens physical therapy in Sweden: MIRA Barnfysioterapi. Sometimes I just read your texts and feel satisfied that we have the same way to think about childrens motor development even if we work at different parts of the world. Sometimes you give me ideas in my rehabilitation with the patients. I wish that childrens physical therapy in Sweden were more focused on motor development, DCD, low muscle tone than just on rehabilitation for children with disabilities and children at hospitals.

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