Apple Toss – Gross Motor Game

I’ve always found that making things fun is the way to go.  Whether that be in therapy or at home.  I’m very much a “fun” exercise type person myself.  I’d rather play an organized sport or game than run on the treadmill.  I’m always trying to come up with new ideas to incorporate gross motor skills into a fun game.  One of the games that has accomplished this has been my apple toss game.  This game makes moving and gross motor skill development fun for many kids.  I also love that it can be played as an individual or in groups.  It’s perfect for the fall and back to school season.

Apple themed gross motor game. A fun gross motor game with an apple theme that is perfect for the fall.

Apple Toss – Gross Motor Game

The printables for this apple themed game can be found in the Fall Themed Movement Games from Pink Oatmeal.


Needed: Apples With Action Words, Ball or Bean Bag Start by creating apples with action words in them.  Some examples of the action words I use are jump, twist, balance, squat etc.

Apple Themed Gross Motor Game - Apple Theme

Next, place them on the wall or on the floor.  Use whatever means you need to get them to stay whether it be tape, tacks etc.  For repetitive use laminating them may not be a bad idea.

Apple toss fall gross motor game.

Next get your bean bag or ball ready to be tossed at the wall or on the floor (bean bags for floor).  Each child takes a turn tossing the ball/bean bag at the wall (working on eye-hand coordination).  If they hit an apple they have to perform that action.  Once they have performed the action they get to “pick” the apple off the wall or off the floor.

Apple Toss Apple Gross Motor Game

The object of the game is to get all the apples “picked” off the wall.  If you are playing in teams the winning team could have the most apples picked.

This apple game is perfect for your gross motor needs!  See even more apple themed motor planning ideas!

Apple Themed Resources From Pink Oatmeal


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