Marathons For Movement Motivation

Are you looking for a different way to incorporate physical activity into the classroom?  Maybe you need a different spin on brain breaks?  Maybe you are looking for some carryover from therapies to the classroom with a fitness emphasis?  I started to implement marathons (miles, 5k’s, 10k’s) as a motivation to move during the day. Although movement, strengthening, and range of motion are always a focus of therapy sessions, implementing the marathon idea was a different way to look at it and a different way to motivate.

Incorporating marathons into the classroom is a great idea for class fitness or brain breaks! This could be done in intervals of 1 mile, 5k, 10k etc. What a great way to make sure that students are getting physical activity each day! #classroomfitness #brainbreak #physicaleducation #physicaltherapy #occuaptionaltherapy

Marathons For Movement Motivation

The first day of “marathon training” we measured out the distance in the hallway.  We are in the hallway right now because we are in Minnesota, and the conditions can be brutal outdoors in the winter. I hope to get outside when the weather cooperates.

Once the distances were measured we figured out how many laps we were going to have to do to make a mile.

I like to show my student(s) a YouTube video about what exactly a marathon (mile, 5k, 10k etc) is and get them excited for what they are working to accomplish.

I made a chart with boxes to color in for each mile of half mile or mile walked.  It varies from student to student but I try to have the chart somewhere in their classroom where they can see it during the day and not just when I am there.  This chart distance can be varied based on the distance you are trying to achieve

If this is something that you want carried over in the classroom it is important to educate the people who will be carrying this out in how to work your chart and why you are doing this.

marathon training - Pink Oatmeal

So far completing our marathons has been fun! It doesn’t take up our entire session but we start out our session working on our marathon or some students may be doing their marathon with their class or paraprofessional.  I’ve also started implementing in marching, sidestepping, crossover steps etc. into our time.  It’s been a great way to encourage movement during the day for my kids too.

Marathon Warm-Ups

We also do a warm-up prior to starting the marathon. I usually select my warm-ups from my brain break cards ( you can also find them here).  This week we are selecting from my Christmas Cards!

My hope is that it will encourage my students to move and want to move during their breaks and not just in therapy!


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