Gross Motor Dice

Looking for a fun and quick way to incorporate some movement into the day.  Maybe your kids love to move like animals?  Maybe they prefer to perform activities like jumping or stomping.  Looking for a fun way to incorporate these?  Maybe get away from staring at the smart board all day long?  Try this simple solution of gross motor dice!

Gross Motor Movements With Movement Dice! Crawl like a bear or jump up and down!

Gross Motor Dice




Print Out Dice – 2 Versions and a number version (I recommend card stock quality paper)

How It Works

Put your dice together.  Use all the dice or pick the di that is best for your situation.

Play by rolling the dice and performing the move that comes up.  If you want to use the number dice to determine repetitions roll that next!

Rolling Activity Dice - Pink Oatmeal

We choose to do animal moves at our house.

Big C loved flapping his wings like a bird.

Flap Your Wings Activity Dice - Pink Oatmeal

And jumping like a frog!

We used the number dice to determine repetitions for jumping!

Movement Dice

Grab these for FREE in the FREEBIE library! 

More Gross Motor Favorites

Some of my favorite resources for gross motor play as a physical therapist and mom! Click on each photo for a full explanation of product.  Affiliate links. 



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  1. so frustrating that I get to use the “free downloads” … but I really cant because I have to download some kind of Browser… I cant do that. I teach High Schoolers how to be teachers, and Id love to use your activities as examples. But its a school computer and I just need to print the papers and not a browser.

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