Fishing Themed Party

We had so much fun for C’s first birthday party!  I’m thrilled it’s over, but it was a great day!  I really had a great time planning it and putting together decorations!  I decided on a fishing themed party (my husband is fishing crazy) and did the majority of it DIY.

Fishing Themed Party - Pink Oatmeal

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 Your Invited…

I made the invitations on my own using Pic Monkey.  I’ve done a few tutorials on how I use Pic Monkey.  This particular post talks about how to make a party invitation.

Fishing Themed Party!

Fishing Party - Highchair I made the one year old sign by simply printing out the design on card stock and cutting out circles.  I attached it to some ribbon and taped it on to his high chair.  I also made a sign with his name on it the same way that  hung from our fireplace mantle.

Fishing Themed Party - Pink Oatmeal

I purchased fishing clip art to design the little tags that went on the different jars.  I used burlap around several of the mason jars and attached the fishing theme tag to each jar to go with the fishing theme!

Fishing Theme Party - Pink Oatmeal Candy Table

We had a small candy/fish table as the goodie bags for everyone that attended the party.  The goodie bags  consisted of a variety of Goldfish, Swedish Fish, gummy worms, Tootsie Rolls, and licorice.

Fishing Themed Birthday Party - Pink Oatmeal

I had the cake, cupcakes, and smash cake done at our Target bakery.  I added the fish to the cupcakes by tying a Swedish Fish to the end of a lollipop stick.

Fishing Themed Party by Pink Oatmeal

The garland on the table was made from material that I had around the house. I  tied it to twine and used bobbers in the garland.

The background came from a piece of material I picked up at Ikea with a cheap fishing net.  I found bobbers on clearance and attached them to the net.  I picked up balloons in the matching color scheme at the dollar store that morning.

Fishing Party - Cake - Pink Oatmeal

All in all the party was a success!  He even licked the cardboard once he had demolished the cake!  I think he takes after me…

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