Toddler Letter Recognition Sensory Bin

Lately C has taken a big interest in the alphabet. ¬†He affectionately refers to it as the EFG’s. ¬†Not the ABC’s, don’t ask me why? ¬†We will talk about different letters in everyday life, but by no means sit down for letter lessons yet at this time. ¬†I do have a set of magnetic letters that I have used with my kids at school and we have some on our washing machine at home (it’s really our only good place that is magnetic). ¬†We came up with a fun way to incorporate letters into play for fun toddler letter recognition play with his sensory table.

Toddler Sensory Bin Letter Recognition - Pink Oatmeal

Toddler Recognition Sensory Bin

Needed: Plastic Bin or Bucket, Alphabet Letters, Sensory Medium

Simply fill the plastic bin with a sensory medium of your choice.  We have plenty of rice available around here.  I may have over bought some at Costco at one point.  Anyone else have an over buying problem there?  So, for our sensory medium I decided to use rice.  Many sensory mediums will do including sand, water, paper etc.  Next I add the alphabet letters to the bin.  I found the magnetic letters (affiliate link) worked perfect for us.  Your bin is complete!

Sensory Bin - Pink Oatmeal

I love the aspect that C is able to explore letters of the alphabet while in play. ¬†If he takes one out and shows me the letter I’ll ask him which letter it is.¬† He is getting to the point where he can name some on his own now. ¬†If he doesn’t know or names it wrong I just let him know what letter it is and play continues.

Toddler Letter Recognition Sensory Bin - Pink Oatmeal

I keep it fun.  When he is done with that activity, he is done.  He is a toddler after all.  Chances are he will be back again to play.


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