BIG Sensory Box For Babies and Toddlers

I always wanted to make a little sensory board for C when he was a baby. I envisioned him using it during tummy time or we could use it for floor play.  I had a pin sitting on my Pinterest board.  In the end I never made it.  Now that my little guy is moving all over the place I’m pretty sure I missed that train.

Big Sensory Box For Babies and Toddlers

Luckily we apparently saved a large cardboard box in our basement from our lawn mower that we bought 4 years ago (do not ask me why we saved it)! I was planning to throw out the box until I had some inspiration from Imagination Tree’s Cardboard Box Play Tunnel and Meri Cherry’s Sensory Boxes and decided to come up with my own sensory box!

I just took a bunch of different materials from around our house that I could find to use in the sensory box.  The best part I finally had a purpose for the single socks that we have in a basket.  I’m not quite sure how we always have so many laying around.  I also opted for duct tape to adhere everything to my box.  There are so many fun colors and designs that you can get with duct tape now!

Big Sensory Box SuppliesCarpet Samples

Glitter Glue

Bubble Wrap



1.  I used a box cutter to cut off the flaps of the cardboard box and went around all of the edges with duct tape just to make sure there wasn’t anything sticking out that I missed.

Big Sensory Box Cutting

2.  I added glitter glue to what would be the back wall of the box.

glitter glue

3.  I added the socks to the top of the box by poking holes with a screwdriver and sticking the socks through the holes with a knot on the top.

Big Sensory Box Sock

4.  I added the bubble wrap and different carpet squares to the walls and bottom of the box.

Big Sensory Box Carpet

It was simple!  I just had to wait a bit before letting C play with it so the glitter glue could dry.

Once he got the opportunity to play he immediately was attracted to the bubble wrap.  He loved to touch it and feel it with his feet when he sat on it.  He felt all the carpet squares, pulled on the socks and touched the glitter glue.

Big Sensory Box Playing

I have it out in his playroom so he can come and go as he pleases since he is flying around the room 100 miles per hour!  In the end I guess I’m glad we had a ton of unmatched socks and a box we saved for four years…

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7 thoughts on “BIG Sensory Box For Babies and Toddlers”

  1. My 10 month old is motor delayed and sits with rounding his back and stands nicely but he refuses to use his hands to help him explore and he hates tummy time still wont roll. He was diagosed with sensory defensivness, and i was wondering if you have ideas of encouraging him to use his hands. He will touch his tots and hold them only if they are plushy.

    1. Hi there – Unfortunately I hate to give any advice on specific sensory programs for an individual. Each child is different. Some kids may tolerate certain sensory mediums well while it may totally over stimulate another child. If it were me I’d try to find an occupational therapist in my area that could help figure out what would be best for my child. Sorry I can’t give you more specifics and good luck!

  2. I use upholstery textile samples from flip books, passed on my an interior designer friend each season. I bet you could ask for these at a store. Also corrugated card, and an insert made from colored cellophane stuck onto contact paper [from candies and chocolates]. And old tights [mine] hung from the roof, with a soft toy or ball pit ball in the toes, so they swing

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