Play Yards – A Good Choice For Promoting Development

One of the absolute best purchases you can make for your baby is that of a play yard!  A play yard is a great option for your baby to safely play in a contained area and gives you that minute that you need.  In previous posts, (Are Jumper’s Bad For Baby? and Dangers and Limitations of the Baby Walker)  I’ve talked about play yards as an alternative.  When it comes to promoting motor development the play yard is a winner hands down over several other pieces of baby equipment on the market.

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Baby’s need to move!  Many different devices on the market  contain babies and don’t allow them the much needed time to work on their motor skills. In my opinion, the play yard is far superior to any kind of baby equipment that restricts movement (think exersaucers, jumpers, or seated devices). Research has found that the amount of tummy time an infant receives is related to their motor development.  Due to Back To Sleep it is important that infants are getting plenty of supervised tummy time during the day. play yard indoors

Advantages of a Play Yard

  • Safe Play -Baby can play safely in a contained space avoiding any unnecessary obstacles.
  • Tummy time is promoted when in a play yard.  Other containment devices often times will put baby in poor positioning.
  • Movement and Exploration-Baby still has the opportunity to move and explore their environment and work on crucial motor development skills.
  • Toys –You can rotate different toys that can be used in a play yard.
  • Able To Get Dinner Made – A play yard allows you a chance to make dinner or send and email while your little one plays- although always supervise.
  • Indoors or Outdoors -I use mine in the house and outside the house.
  • Price – Instead of buying several toys that contain baby a play yard could be used in replacement of all containment toys saving plenty of money!

play yard outside

My Personal Experience

My play yard is utilized on a daily basis.  I’m able to keep an eye on my baby while cooking dinner and I know that he isn’t going to get into anything unsafe.  I’m able to put it outside and allow him the ability to move but I can still water my flowers without fear he’ll crawl out into the road or try to eat rocks!  I can easily move my play yard in and out of my home as I please.  It’s an absolute must when it comes to baby needs.

play yard folded
Next time when thinking about what to get for baby for your family or a friends be sure to keep a play yard in mind! Do you have a play yard?  Do you use it often?  What is your favorite way to utilize your play yard.

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  1. I purchased a play yard for my 8 month old just a few weeks ago. I noticed a significant jump in her motor skills almost immediately. I do not have a jumper or walker, but I held her in a sling for most of the day (I read way too many attachment parenting blogs) and she was not very mobile on her own. She still does not love being alone in there and sometimes I will sit in the play yard with her, b ut she is getting better at it. I actually had time the other day to sit down and read a book for 20 minutes while she played by herself. I use the play yard every day, and I would recommend one to everyone.

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