Gross Motor Milestones At One Year Old

In your baby’s first year of life it feels like you blink and something new has happened.  The first year of life brings on so many changes in regards to their gross motor milestones.  Now that your baby is one, guess what?  There are a lot more gross motor changes happening!   These gross motor milestones are to be used as a guide.  Some toddlers may fall slightly outside of the norms.


Gross Motor Milestone Guide From 1-2 Years - Pink Oatmeal

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Gross Motor Milestones From 1-2 Years

It’s important to remember, these milestones are to be used as a guide, and are based off a typically developing child. If your child has a diagnosis or was born prematurely some of these milestones may be later.   Each child develops uniquely, and there are times that children may hit a milestone a little later or earlier, with no cause for alarm. This may happen for various reasons.   This post is only for educational purposes only and does not replace an examination by a medical professional. If you have any concerns please be sure to contact your physician or therapist.

12-15 Months

  • Stands without support
  • Begins walking
  • Crawls up onto furniture
  • Able to start, stop, and turn without falling
  • Begins to run
  • Can corral a ball is rolled to them

15-18 Months

  • Can pull a toy behind when walking
  • Legs are not as far apart when walking
  • Can run on level surfaces
  • Carries large toy without falling

18-21 Months

  • Can seat self in small chair.
  • Can propel ride on toy backwards and forwards (no pedal toy)
  • Squats to play.
  • Begins to learn to kick a ball

21-24 Months

  • Runs without falling
  • Jumps with both feet in the air
  • Can jump forward 3 inches
  • Climb up and down stairs while holding a railing and/or hand (step together pattern)

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