5 Ways To Promote Pulling To Stand

Pulling to stand is a developmental skill that takes place in baby at approximately 9 months of age.   Here are 5 fast and easy ways to play with your baby that will promote pulling to stand.

5 Tips For Promoting Pulling To Stand. I would have never thought of #3!

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Tummy Time

Tummy Time For Rolling

 Tummy time is the basis for laying down the foundation of skills necessary for baby to pull to stand.  Tummy time should be started from day one and done every single day several times a day.  I know tummy time isn’t always a happy time for baby.  Be sure to check out  tips to make tummy time easier!

Placing Baby on Hands and Knees on a Slightly Elevated Surface

Pulling To Stand - Pink Oatmeal

A couch cushion or large pillow work great for this.  This is great to use when baby can’t quite hold themselves up on all fours on their own.  The slight elevation makes it easier to feel their body in this position but limits the amount of gravity they are working against (think of doing a push-up on the wall versus the floor).  They are working on the necessary core strength needed to pull themselves up and also getting a feel for where their body is in space in this position.  Make sure that you have a fun toy for baby to play with in this position!

Encourage Baby To Pull Up Onto  Slightly Elevated Surface

Once baby does pretty well on playing on the couch cushion/pillow start encouraging baby to pull up onto the couch cushion on their own.  Placing a toy on the surface is great motivation. Get down on the floor with baby for encouragement.

Elevate the Surface

Pulling To Stand - Pink Oatmeal

 Think of where you pulled that cushion off the couch.  It’s a great spot to challenge baby to pull-up just a little more.  If your couch is too high you could try two cushions stacked together leaned up against a supportive surface. Look for a position that get’s baby close to playing on high knees.

Find A Good Height For Baby To Comfortably Stand

Pulling to stand - Pink Oatmeal

Find a position where baby will be comfortable accessing the toy in a standing position.  Maybe you need to add the cushion back on the couch or if you have an activity table (my favorite) for baby it is usually a great height for pulling to stand.  Place a toy that your baby loves at that height for encouragement.



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5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Promote Pulling To Stand”

  1. Thanks for the tips.
    My baby is 7 months and she keeps on “climbing” over pillows.
    I also have the same activity toy table that you have in your pictures. =)

  2. What age do you recommend starting the elevated surface step or how can I tell when she is ready? She is a little over six months, has good neck and head control, does very well in a bouncer and exersaucer, hates tummy time though. Thanks! Love your blog-so extremely helpful.

    1. Hi Hilary, I started it when I could put my son in that position and he could maintain his position without me having to hold him there. Of course, I was right there but wasn’t worried he was going to tumble over. He maintained good head and neck control and was able to play with a toy in that position. It was a little bit of trial and error.

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