Alternative Career Resources For Pediatric Therapists

As the owner of Pink Oatmeal, I get several questions each day.  The one question I didn’t expect to get, but I get on a regular basis is about my job running the website Pink Oatmeal.  I’ve found that there are a lot of other therapists looking to use their backgrounds in physical therapy or occupational therapy outside the traditional clinical setting.  I love what I do as the owner of Pink Oatmeal.   I  love how I’ve been able to connect with pediatric therapists all over the world and learn so much about what they are looking for.   I am passionate that both pediatric physical therapists and pediatric occupational therapists have huge sets of skills that can be used in all different settings. 

Alternative Career Resources For Pediatric Therapists

The alternative career resources for pediatric physical therapists and occupational therapists page is dedicated to providing pediatric therapists with resources that they can explore using their backgrounds and skills outside of traditional clinical work.  

Non-Traditional Career Ideas

Start A Business With Vitalxchange – This is a really cool platform!

Those of us who want to support special needs children clinically but don’t want the hassle of traditional clinical work can look to a brand-new virtual platform called Vitalxchange.Vitalxchange is a platform with everything special needs therapists need to set up their online business. I saw a demo of the software a few days ago, and it is virtually a cash practice in a box! You can schedule 1:1 consultations, moderate your own private group, and deliver services through a mobile app – while getting paid right away. The platform also features easy-to-use marketing tools to help you spread the word about your business and drive customers to your online practice.   You are literally three steps and 10 minutes away from having your own online business! Here are three ways you can create an instant online cash practice via Vitalxchange:
  • Provide extra support to your current patients by offering consultations or a support community.  
  • As a side-hustle, provide general guidance and 1:1 to parents’ googling’ for answers
  • Create a full virtual consultation practice if you want to do this full-time!

Therapists click here to get started with Vitalxchange today!

Start A Blog

Blogs can bring in so many different forms of income. This may include advertisments, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or using your blog to sell your own printables. Pink Oatmeal makes money from all of the different revenue streams listed above. Not sure where to begin when it comes to starting a blog? Check out Therapy Blogging 101 and the Therapy Blogging 101 Course to go with it. This course is the perfect course to get you started on the right foot when it comes to starting a blog. 

Sell E-Books or Printables

Do you have a ton of knowledge that you want to share with the world? Do you make printables that you know that others will enjoy? Start selling them! This is actually less complicated than you think. There are several different marketplaces available such as Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy, that only require you sign-up for an account. My first printable ever I put in my mom’s Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Within a week I had made my first $3. It is still the best $3 I have ever made to this day!

Social Media Influencer

There are pediatric therapists out there that primarily make money as social media influencers! Search Instagram and you will find plenty! Iti is possible to be a social media influencer as your full-time gig. Income will often come from affiliate sales and sponsorships. You can also use social media to sell your own products.  If you love social media and love to be on social media this could be for you.  

Create Courses

Do you have knowledge in a certain area and feel like you could create a course? Maybe you have already created a course and want to get the word out? This is a great alternative career option for pediatric therapists as there are several different ways you can sell courses. You can create your own brand to sell them. But, you don’t have to have your own brand to get started. You can work with companies like MedBridge or (, and start selling your courses through them. 

Alternative Career Resources For Pediatric Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists – Website

The Non-Clinical PT – Although, PT is in the name, this website is really  for all different rehabilitation professionals.   It is super interesting and full of interviews of people who are taking their knowledge in rehabilitation and using it in non-traditional and alternative careers.

Non-Clinical Resume Writing Help For Pediatric Therapists

DIY Career Docs -Have you ever had to write a resume for a job outside of clinical practice or maybe you even want a better resume for clinical practice.  This is a website worth looking at and it is created by a physical therapist! 

Job Starter Packs

Meredith from The Non-Clinical PT has started to put together these cool job starter packs for anyone interested in different career paths using their background as a therapist.  The following links are affiliate links. 

Clinical Liaison –  Maybe working as a clinical liaison for pediatric families and patients or even adults is a direction that you are looking to go.  This starter pack is here to help you get started.  

Utilization Reviewer – In this role you could be reviewing documentation from other pediatric therapists and even therapists that work with adults.  Many times this job will allow for work at home options as well. 

Pediatric Therapist Alternative Career Courses

The following courses are designed especially for pediatric physical therapists and occupational therapists.  The blogging course is free and is a step by step course on how to have a website up and running today.

The non-clinical careers course (affiliate link) is a GOLD MINE of information on getting started on a non-clinical or non-traditional career path using your background as a physical therapist or occupational therapist.  The course is put together by my friend Meredith from the Non-Clinical PT.  It is meant for all rehabilitation professionals.  It is full of good information.  I was able to get a discount for my readers for this course and you can save $50 when you go through my link! 

Bash The Burnout -From Joy.Energy.Time this course examines healthcare provider burnout and best practices for both the individual professionals and healthcare organizations to reduce and prevent it.   Use the coupon code PINKOAT10 and save! 



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