Teachers Pay Teachers – March Income

I’m behind again!  Now that April is almost over I’m finally getting to my March income post!  March was a great a month for me on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I had one product with a St. Patrick’s Day theme that sold really well.  I also worked really hard in the month of February on blogging and promoting my store.  I think that paid off in March.  Here are the results.

Teachers Pay Teachers -March 2015

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Free Play -Pink Oatmeal

What Happened To Free Play?

Pink Oatmeal is excited to have Darice Cunniff posting today on the importance of free play in our classrooms.  Darice has been an elementary teacher for over 35 years with the majority of her time spent in the Kindergarten classroom and how she has seen it change over her time in the classroom.  As a […]

Alphabet Movement Cards - Pink Oatmeal

Alphabet Movement Cards

I always believe moving while learning is so important.  We expect a lot of our  children when it comes to learning, especially our young ones.  Kindergarten seems to be the new first grade and pre-school is what kindergarten once was.  Kids don’t have the opportunities  to move like they used too.  As requirements and standards go up, […]

Mom Snacks

Mom Snacks

I have a tiny problem and I’m sure I’m not alone.  I love chocolate, chips, and pretty much all candy.   If I’m being honest, it seems to be a problem that’s gotten a bit out of control.  The problem tends to be worst when I’m at home, especially during nap time.  At work, I have […]

Outdoor Toys For Gross Motor Play - Pink Oatmeal

Outdoor Toys For Gross Motor Play

Spring is finally in the air around here, well, most days.  We can see grass again and our getting outside as much as possible.  Now is the time that we can get some of the toys back out on the driveway to play. It’s almost like we reconnect with our neighborhood now that the weather […]

Puddle Jumping

Spring Gross Motor Game – Puddle Jumping

I love Spring!  Living in Minnesota, the winters are long, and nothing is better than seeing that white stuff disappear!  I don’t even mind the muddy mess or puddles that come with the melting snow.  It’s actually a lot of fun.  I’ve been letting my son go crazy playing in them.  It’s resulted in several […]

Teachers Pay Teachers -February 2015

February Income – Teachers Pay Teachers

I realize that it’s practically April by the time I’m finally getting this out, but better late than never!  February was my best month to date, and it’s a shorter month which makes it even better!  I changed one big thing – I started incorporating my products into my blog.  I should have been doing […]