Last Minute Therapy Resources

As part of my job I have to travel between schools.  I love working in different schools and the ability to get out in my car and drive.  The only issue with this is, I don’t always have my own space.  This is especially true when I am working with kids that aren’t a part of a center based program.  I usually have an area in each school that I can work in, if it’s not being used.  The problem I run into is, I don’t know if I’m going to get the space until I arrive at the school that day.  When this happens I need something that can be done in a hallway or very small space, yet accomplish motor skills and engage the kids. To solve this issue, I started making games, yoga cards and brain break cards  that I  carry with me so I always have something to use if things don’t go as planned that day.   I’ve found that even when I have the space, things don’t always go as planned and having resources on hand ideal.  My kids have enjoyed these so much that they are now a regular part of therapy!

 Last Minute Therapy Resources - Pink Oatmeal

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