10 DIY Gift Ideas That Promote Motor and Sensory Play

Each year I make an attempt at DIY gifts for Christmas.  Some years I succeed, some years I find myself at the mall a few days before Christmas trying to buy gifts that didn’t quite work out. Most of these gifts consist of little need to sew or need to use too many tools.  This year I’v started thinking about my projects, but no actual doing yet.  I’ve compiled a list of DIY projects, some of my own and some from fellow therapist bloggers that would make great gift ideas.

IY Gifts For Motor and Sensory Play - Pink Oatmeal

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DIY Playing Card Holder

I remember my mom making playing card holders for her Kindergarten classroom years ago!  I even made a playing card holder for a motor development project back in college.  This particular playing card holder still stands as my favorite in spite of all of the great ideas that can now be found on Pinterest.  Card holders […]

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Pumping Tips From 10 Moms

In the months before I had my baby I felt decently prepared.  I worked with kids and understood their development.  I had plenty of friends who had given me great advice on sleeping, eating, and getting out.  I wasn’t under the assumption it was going to be a walk in the park and knew that […]

Stocking Stuffers To Promote Motor Development

Stocking Stuffers To Promote Motor Development

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here.  I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited that the Hallmark Channel has started playing their Christmas movies.  Even though it’s not even Thanksgiving people have been asking what to get my little man for Christmas.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  I’ve come up with a simple list of stocking […]

Ikea Foundation

Giving Back To Education

Every night before my little man goes to bed we read books.   We sit cuddled up with blankets and toys to read his favorite stories.  Reading is no only one of our favorite ways to wind down at night, but it builds a foundation for continued interest in books, language and education.  This weekend we have a […]

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins -3 Ingredients

I love fall for many reasons, one of them being pumpkin.  I tend to divulge in pumpkin year round, but it always seems better in the fall.  Eating in season maybe?  I’ve especially had a long love affair with my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  I’ve been making them since I was in college.  It’s one […]

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Teachers Pay Teachers Income – October

Another month has come and gone.  This year is flying by.  October represented a busy month for me with family, school, and Teachers Pay Teachers.  I had a fun October traveling to Las Vegas, enjoying our beautiful weather in Minnesota and stepping back from my computer (sort of).  I didn’t spend nearly as much time on […]

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Gross Motor Milestones At One Years Old

In your baby’s first year of life it feels like you blink and something new has happened.  The first year of life brings on so many changes in regards to their gross motor milestones.  Now that your baby is one, guess what?  There are a lot more gross motor changes happening!   These gross motor […]

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Stair Climbing Made Fun

An exciting milestone in our little ones lives is learning to climb the stairs.  This milestone typically takes place around 21-24 months. At this age, children are still using a step together pattern (one foot on each step) and a railing.  By 30-36 months, kids should start to alternate steps using the railing.  At approximately 3 […]