Desert Yoga

As a physical therapy student, I had the opportunity to do one of my long rotations down in Arizona.  I loved the weather, my rotation, and to my surprise the desert.  Being from the Midwest, I thought of the desert as brown.  It turned out the desert was a beautiful place!  The desert life and landscape provides for many different desert yoga poses!

Desert Yoga - Pink Oatmeal

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Gross Motor Walk - Pink Oatmeal

Gross Motor Walk

We’ve had a rainy/cool week around here.  That combination is hard when you have a busy toddler who likes to be outside all the time.  We decided to try a gross motor walk to make inside play a little bit more fun.  When C was little he did the gross motor crawl.  It was great […]

Woodland Themed Yoga - Pink Oatmeal

Woodland Yoga

It’s finally the time of the year when we can really get out of the house.  People are out and about back on the trails and visiting state parks.  Even though I’m from Minnesota, I’m not much of a winter person.  I don’t love the cold, but I love being outside.  As soon as the […]

Climb The Slide - Pink Oatmeal

Why I Let My Kid Climb Up The Slide

The golden rule of the park is climb up the stairs and slide down the slide.  I guess we are rule breakers around here, within reason.  I let my kid climb up the slide, I even encourage it.  Of course, we don’t climb up the slide when others are going down the slide.  We climb the slide […]

Rainforest Themed Yoga - Pink Oatmeal

Rainforest Yoga

Today we are talking about Rainforest Yoga!  The rainforest is full of different animals and plants that are perfect for combining with yoga.  Learning about the rainforest can be made even more fun when combining it with yoga. Take a journey through the rainforest and act out the different animals and plants you see along the […]

Pregnancy Nausea Remedy

Pregnancy Nausea Remedy

I was at my good friend’s baby shower this week.  Of course, one of the topics at a baby shower is about pregnancy.  I was chatting with a few of the girls about how our pregnancies had gone.  We were talking about swollen feet, being hot, being cold, and being nauseated.  I was one of […]

Teachers Pay Teachers -March 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers – March Income

I’m behind again!  Now that April is almost over I’m finally getting to my March income post!  March was a great a month for me on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I had one product with a St. Patrick’s Day theme that sold really well.  I also worked really hard in the month of February on blogging […]