Free Resources For Therapists and Teachers

Happy Friday!  In celebration of Friday I thought I’d share some of my free resources that you can get your hands on now!  Everyone likes free right?  My resources are dedicated to promoting movement in the classroom and at home!

Free Resources For Therapists and Teachers

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Farm Themed Sensory and Motor Play - Pink Oatmeal

Farm Themed Sensory and Motor Play

Who doesn’t love a day on the farm? This year I created new farm movement cards to use with the kids.   Nothing says fall better than getting out to the farm to pick pumpkins or apples.  While planning my farm themed therapy session, I came across a few really fun ideas.

TPT August 2014 Income

August Teachers Pay Teachers Income

My first official month on Teachers Pay Teachers is complete! See my story on how I found myself selling on Teachers Pay Teachers. I was thrilled with how my first official month went! According to seasoned sellers, August is one of the highest selling months, so I guess I’m starting with a bang.

Edible Sensory Play - Pink Oatmeal

Edible Sensory and Art Play

One thing you can count on with almost any baby is the fact that they put everything in their mouth.  Due to this fact, I was on the hunt for fun slimes and paints that would be safe if entering the mouth!

Early Years Milestones - Pink Oatmeal

Early Years Milestones Quick Reference

I’m officially back at work!  Prior to going back, I did a little prepping to get back in the swing of things.  One thing I wanted to do was freshen up on all of my milestones that occur in the first 5 years of life.   I recently wrote a post on gross motor milestones, however I […]

Combining Learning and Movement - Pink Oatmeal

Combining Movement and Learning

As a physical therapist that works in the school systems I always try my best to make my therapy sessions educational. I love the idea of combining movement with learning. What I do, obviously depends on each individual student and their specific needs and goals in the educational setting. In the classroom, I work with […]

Must Follow OT, PT, and SLP Pinterest Boards - Pink Oatmeal

10 Must Follow OT, PT, and SLP Pinterest Boards

The school year is upon us now!  I hope that everyone is getting organized  and starting to get back in the swing of things. If you need any help with organizational ideas be sure to check out my post on how I try to get myself organized for the school year!  One way I’m getting ready […]