Garden Themed Fine Motor Activities

Hello spring!  It’s time to start thinking about what is going to be planted in your garden.  At least where I’m from, planting doesn’t take place until May, but planning is going on all April.  I think gardens are so cool and such a great learning experience as you have a bunch of dirt and a seed that can grow into something so beautiful and produce food!  It’s also a fun theme to incorporate into fine motor activities.  My preschooler was asking me when I was going to make him some more of those “games” to work on.  Together, we decided we’d do a garden theme.  Check out all of our garden themed fine motor activities!

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Garden Themed Fine Motor Activities

Below are eight different garden themed fine motor activities.  Think about how great it would feel to have all of these activities created for you saving you time and effort.  You can feel confident you will have fun garden themed fine motor activities that your kids will love and will have saved yourself time when you purchase Garden Themed Fine Motor Activities today.

Garden Themed Fine Motor Pre-Writing Strokes

Garden fine motor activities. Pre-writing strokes.

Pre-writing strokes are established before formal writing.  I like to use pre-writing strips that are laminated.  This way I don’t have to print several pieces of paper.  Just wipe after one use!  Another great option is to use manipulatives to cover each line or have the kids trace them with their fingers or a paint brush.

Garden Themed Fine Motor Pencil Paths

These are fun ways to work on pencil control and fine motor practice.  If you laminate these strips you can use them over and over again.  The garden themed pencil paths can be utilized in several different ways.

Garden Themed Fine Motor Activities - Pencil Control paths.


  • Use of fingers to follow lines.
  • Follow the lines with a paint brush
  • Use materials such as Wiki Stix to go over lines and shapes.
  • Follow the lines with pipe cleaners.
  • Follow the lines with manipulatives.

Garden Fine Motor Cutting Practice

Garden themed fine motor - scissor skills with a flower

This fun activity involves a flower printable as well as cutting strips of construction paper.  It’s a fun way to work on scissor skills.  Once the strips are cut, glue them to the flower.  Use crayons to color in the stem of the flower!  (There are several flowers to choose from in the fine motor pack.)

Garden Themed Fine Motor Clip Cards

Garden themed fine motor clip cards

The garden themed fine motor clip cards have the kids work on their counting skills and fine motor skills in one.  The kids count the number of garden objects than place the clip on the correct number.  Simple, fun, and effective!

Garden Themed Fine Motor – Play Dough Mats

Garden Fine Motor Activities - Worm Play Dough Mat

Play dough is an awesome way to work on fine motor skills.  Placing carrots, beets, and worms in the garden or rain drops is a way to work on this skill.  There are four different themes with two mats for each theme.

Garden Themed Fine Motor – Snap Cubes

Garden themed fine motor - Snap Cubes

Snap cubes are a great way to work on fine motor skills along with visual perceptual skills!  The garden theme adds fun to snap cube work!

Garden Themed Fine Motor – Seed Transfer

Garden fine motor activities - seed transfer

This fun activity combined counting and fine motor activities.  The idea is to transfer seeds (or another manipulative) to the seed packet.  We used sunflower seeds.  Each seed packet has a number on it to indicate how many seeds should be transferred.

Garden Fine Motor – Flower Tracing

Who doesn’t love a garden full of flowers?  Laminate and cut out the flower cards and trace them.  Wipe them off and use over and over again!

Get Your Garden Themed Fine Motor Activities

Imagine how great it would feel to have all of the Garden Themed Fine Motor Activities created for you!  Save yourself time and effort by having them all done for you.  Plus, feel confident you have garden themed fine motor activities that you and your kids will love.  Buy the Garden Fine Motor Activities in the shop now!

Garden Fine Motor Activities


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